Learn more about the small but mighty country of Costa Rica!


The Healthcare and Medical Terminology  in Costa Rica program will bring you to a pristine destination in Latin America. Costa Rica´s placing as a top-ten peer of developed countries and larger economies can be attributed to visionary public policies in human development such as health, environment, democracy, and technology.

The Healthcare and Medical Terminology will give you access to the country´s top ten decision-makers (past and present) to garner valuable insights of their endeavor and leadership. During the fourteen-day(14) academic program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate communication skills to interact with clients from a different culture and language.
  • Assess the health care needs of a Costa Rican community and plan a potential health care delivery method.
  • Address outcomes of inter-professional collaboration and collective learning in a community setting.

The Healthcare and Medical Terminology will be a unique educational opportunity where you will interface with healthcare professionals and visit unique clinical sites.
You will have the opportunity to visit and explore our national parks famous for their biodiversity and enjoy the beach.



Costa Rica occupies 0.01% of the planet´s land mass, yet it holds 5% of its biodiversity.  
More than 26% of Costa Rica´s territories are protected conservation areas.

 The biggest blue zone in the world is at Costa Rica 

How does an isolated community on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast experience extraordinary longevity? Find out how hard work, a life plan, and some maize can lead to a longer life.

National Geographic

"One is the “plan de vida,” or reason to live, which propels a positive outlook among elders and helps keep them active. Another is a focus on family and a special ability to listen and laugh. Nicoyan centenarians frequently visit with neighbors, and they tend to live with families and children or grandchildren who provide support, as well as a sense of purpose".


Demilitarized since 1948

Recognize as the safest country in Latin America.

One of the highest ranked educational systems in Latin America.


During 2016, Costa Rica enjoyed 442 days of zero fossil-fuel electricity, meeting the country´s power needs through clean, renewable sources.


The United Nations has ranked Costa Rica’s public health system within the top 20 worldwide and the number one in Latin America. The country provides universal healthcare to its citizens and all legal residents—that means you, if you’re an expat.


Dr. Amanda Benson Ph.D

APA Advisor: Marissa Baham

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